Your Expression Élan

What if I told you that you can completely transform – in the most exciting way possible – your speaking, your writing, your website design… your whole Expression of yourself and your message, with three little words?

Just three words.

What if I told you that these words would be the secret to your distinctive voice, your way of standing out amidst the messy, busy, confusing abundance of information out there?

I’m about to tell you that right now.

Because I’ve seen it happen enough times now that I am overjoyously confident that this would happen for you, too.

I’ve watched clients rework their web copy into riveting, soul-tapping messaging after they got their three words. We’ve used these three little words to take a good speech and make it into a spa for the mind and heart – a gorgeous work of verbally expressive art.

Book titles and blog posts leap from the gardening of these three words.

Your message gets way more interesting, really fast, with these three words.

I’ve even watched projects get stopped and new ones started as this deep dig reveals so powerfully the real message you are here to share.

This is about the powerful, most full-out expression of you.

At this point you are wondering…

Where do I get these words? What are they exactly?

I’ve come to call these three words your Expression Élan.

Your Expression Élan is three words that you choose as reflections of your most authentic, powerful expression.

They reflect not only your personality, but your Soul.

They remind you to be who you intend to be in the world, in an even bigger, bolder and way more engaging way.

Listen to how a few of the people who have been through the process express their delight:

I’ve done a lot of self-growth in my life. Lots of classes, had lots of coaches and have really gotten to know my true self. But, in all of that learning, I have never, ever done anything as revealing, eye-opening and satisfying as Expression Élan with Michelle Barry Franco.

Let’s face it: we all like to talk about ourselves, right? Michelle dives in, and spends over 2 hours digging in to our true soul and spirit. Her ability to pull words out of the answers I’d given her to the questions she asked was a true gift to me. At the end of our session (which I felt like I needed a cigarette afterwards, and I don’t even smoke) we are left with 3 words. 3 words that perfectly describe my soul, personality and what I was put on this earth to do. Whenever I see them, I am met with goosebumps, so I am SURE that are mine!

The best thing about it was that I felt like Michelle really GETS me. I felt totally comfortable naming who I am at my core. These things that we are born with, that are embedded in our DNA cannot be changed and are our genius. Our gifts that are meant to shine. Thank you, Michelle for helping me craft my own “soul poem”. 

~Andrea Owen, Coach, Author & Speaker,

On the surface, the Expression Élan that Michelle offers could be seen as a “fun” activity . . . and it is!  But it is so much more than that.  I knew when we nailed the three words that were my Expression Élan.  Michelle then took those three words and put some meaning and vision around them.  It has really helped me be true to who I am, it has helped me in many of my communications and also in some decision making.  As I updated my website, I go back to see if my three words are captured in the text – not those three words specifically, but the essence of what those words mean to me.  Recently as I was making some decisions, I realized I wasn’t living my “soul word” – that helped me back up and re-assess where I was and where I wanted to go.  As I get ready to embark on writing a book, Michelle helped me see my target audience but also how the tone of my book could embody my Expression Élan.  I think the writing is going to be so much easier with that advice – especially since I truly own those words now as a part of who I am.  A simple exercise?  Yep.  A fun activity?  Definitely.  A useful tool to help me stay focused on my vision and business?  Absolutely!

~April Ristau, Coach, Trainer & creator of The Sales Excellence Academy,

Is your interest piqued?

If so, here’s how you can get your very own Expression Élan. 

You and I get on Skype (or the phone, if you prefer.) We dig into the two page exploration I send you ahead of time. This is precious work we do because it’s about articulating the essence of your desires – the shapes and textures and sounds of the corners of your inner landscape.

No, you don’t have to tell me your childhood secrets or family drama (though sometimes that comes up and that’s okay. We know how to nod and honor that and move on with our work at hand.)

This is about what morning feels like on the inside of your eyelids… and whether you prefer water or mountains.

Here’s the Expression Élan Process:

  • We spend a total of 2 hours (approximately) together across two meetings. The first meeting is the really deep dig. I ask questions then the questions underneath the questions. We land on your preliminary list of words.
  • You have some homework and I support you through that process.
  • We get back together 4-7 days after our first session to reach into your revelations and land on your final Expression Élan words.
  • In the end,  you land on the three words that act as your guide, your shining light and your partner as you venture into the bigger expression of your message.

This is an archaeological process.

We dig into the images that make your heart chakra light up (or simply make you want to do a spontaneous jig.) We lean into the essence of words – the feel of the consonants on your tongue, the way your mouth rounds when it shapes the sounds. We redefine the way words can be used and expand their own greatness. We might even make up new words. Clients tell me incessantly in this part of the process that they are surprised, delighted, stretched, itched and scratched. We don’t kid around here. This is serious (and there’s usually a lot of laughing to prove it.)

Of course, you don’t do any of this alone.

We are together through the whole thing. Brainstorming words, exploring images. I dig deeper. You take us sideways, I follow and see how far we can go that way. This is truly collaborative work.

We know when we land on your words, the right words.

(we know like that soul knowing that feels like a warm blanket across your heart)

These words light you up… they make you want to be more of them, make you aspire to be a better you immediately upon choosing.

These words are yours. Yours alone.

Neither I nor anyone else on the planet needs agree with them or understand them. In fact, you may choose not to share them widely (or maybe not at all.) These are for your reference, in service of your big, bold, powerful self-expression. I help you get there, after many, many hours of this work behind me… but you arrive. It’s your arrival. Your outcome.

Your words give you goose bumps or teary eyes (the good kind) – or both.

If they don’t, we keep digging until you feel that. We know when you feel that – every single time.

I write up those words all fancy into a primer with suggestions for how to use the words and a lot of other supporting goodness to help you leap forward into turning up the brightness on your message right away. We name images, colors, words, feelings, textures, songs, sounds… anything to help you use these words powerfully.

Here’s what you get with your Expression Élan:

My goal in creating the Expression Elan process was to make speaking and writing as your most powerful, authentic, big, beautiful version of you easy. To review, here’s what you get with your Expression Élan process:

  • Two deep dig, rich coaching style conversations in which we pull out words, images, phrases, textures, colors… more, that you can use when you write and speak to help you stand out and be distinctive, while being so very yourself.
  • New clarity on what you are here to say and how you are here to say it in a way that reveals your soul’s message in your style.
  • Confidence that comes from finally knowing what it means to express yourself (on your website, in your blog posts, in your speeches, at networking events) in a way that is engaging for others and exciting for you.
  • A 3-5 page report full of your words, your images, your colors, your phrases – a direct result of our sessions together – plus examples and guidance on how to use all of this juicy new material in your writing and speaking right away.
  • Two weeks of email conversation with me, as you need it, to help you really integrate your Expression Élan in the most powerful way possible. Bounce ideas off me, ask me questions, request an expression-check to see if I can feel your Expression Élan in your writing.

In case it helps, here are a few more delighted Expression Élan Clients’ words:

I encourage people to do this process. Take the time to do it. It will help you get focused and refined in your personal mission statement and in your life. Once you do that, you can hone in on what your life’s work is going to be. You can really incorporate this into every part of your life. I really believe it is that powerful of a tool.

~Joan Dudley, The Sol Center

[Michelle’s] process forced me to focus on articulating what is unique about me. It’s so easy to generalize and feel like I’m like all the others that do what I do. Staying with her process just that little bit longer generated 3 words that pulsed with life for me. I loved them immediately and recognized my essence, my passion, and my potential in them. I understood how they could serve as a North Star for me.

I am a total fan of Michelle’s process. I’ve had plenty of experience with making marketing decisions that did not include the clarity Michelle creates and have a trail behind me of results that range from pedestrian to attractive. Until now nothing has felt uniquely me. I always want Michelle on the front end of my endeavors and if you want a first class result to show the world, you should put Michelle on your front end too.

~ Jane Meyers, Author, Speaker & Soul Reader,

What does it cost to get your very own gorgeous reflection of your soul’s expression?

I’m offering this whole thing – the process, the primer with all of the suggestions – PLUS two weeks of email support after you receive your Expression Élan at the

beautiful price of $350.

(Only because I seriously want everyone to do this. The soul-inspired, message-driven life gets so much easier when you’ve gone through this process!)

Because seriously, I want so much for you to have this extraordinary tool. I know that it will help you make this world a better place with your message. And that, right there, is my great work in the world. So, see – we all win! I can’t wait to work with you, my dear friend!

Here’s where you can purchase your Expression Élan session:

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Once you have paid for your session, you will receive a link to my online scheduling calendar on which you can choose your first session.

And you will be that much closer to never worrying again how you will be distinctive with your voice as you share your message with the world.

Aaah, isn’t that a peaceful thought?

See you on the inside! Can’t wait!