It feels amazing to do great work.

What you say and how you say it is everything. Whether you are stepping onto a stage, crafting a new website or strategizing your next career move, your clarity, confidence & charisma are the magic. My job is to help you communicate so the right people can't help but listen.

Say what you need to say with Clarity, Confidence & Charisma. I'll help.

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The business or career you love is ready and waiting for you.

The work you do in the world matters. You know this. You are committed to making a real difference with your ideas, skills and talents.

Sometimes, it feels impossible to do great work. It can feel like the economy, your company culture, your confusing boss or a void of potential clients block your way. Or, maybe it feels like your own lack of clarity about what you want - or exactly how to get what you want - is the culprit. Believe me, I get it! I’ve so been there.

And guess what I know with every cell in my being now? Such good news… your beautiful, great work in the world is not only possible, it’s waiting for you.

Your job is to walk confidently into the fire of your great work.
(Without giving up your beautiful life to it, of course).

Whether you do this work in your own business or inside of another organization, the elements are the same. You need clarity, confidence, commitment, caring and charisma so that when you express your ideas and share your talents, they are powerful, graceful, impactful - irresistible to those they are meant to captivate and inspire to action. This is the magic formula for doing great work in the world, no matter where or with whom you work.

We can make this happen together. You ready? I sure am.

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“Today’s session exceeded my expectations. A variety of great tools shared, many opportunities to practice in a fun environment. I would definitely recommend Michelle to other colleagues in any field.”
Karen Fitzgerald, Lean PractitionerSt. Charles Health Systems