sideways_look_mbf_feathered_2015.jpgHi, I’m Michelle.

Welcome. I’m thrilled you’re here – mostly because I know that if you are ready to finally share your story and take a stand for your message, I can help. A lot. I am wholeheartedly committed to doing whatever I can to help.

I’m a speaking and messaging coach, but it’s not about the speaking or perfect communication. I work best with people who feel the same way. It’s not about the spotlight or being the center of attention or even about being amazing on stage.

It’s about serving others with our stories, experience and message. It’s about making a meaningful impact in the lives of those we are meant to serve. And of course, it’s about building a business that thrives from this work.

Even full of the most passionate and heart-centered intention, sharing our expertise with those who need us isn’t easy. Standing in front of a room full of people is about as vulnerable as it gets – even when we have tremendous confidence in our ability to serve. It takes guts, commitment and incredible clarity.

So that’s my job – to help you get crystal clear, release the fear and offer up your expertise with charisma that inspires your audience to take beautiful action. I love my job. Let’s do this.

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