Your Book, Started NOW




Ooh, all of those amazing ideas locked in your brain! The world awaits them.

Real people are walking around waiting for you to help make their lives better with your message. People who search the book shelves for your answer, your learnings.

If you dream of writing a book, you are not alone.

Research shows that the majority of people dream of writing a book.

And yet, as we all know, most people never actually write one.

That’s where you are different. You actually will write your book. It just takes going from imagining writing a book to beginning the actual writing process. This is the biggest leap. I know because I did it myself.

I wrote and self-published my first book, from concept/idea to actual book in my hands, in five months.

It’s a gorgeous 200-page book, full of the precise process I used to take clients from their business vision into real life business action (now being revised with my new branding, but the writing is done, done, done!) and it beholds rave reviews.

Like this: Let Michelle Barry Franco delight you, instruct you, and most importantly lead you to the life of your business… and the business of your life. Great examples, accessible style and an easy-to-follow recipe for brazen success. ~ Maggie Annschild, Ph.D., Owner of Imagine Health Now

and this: This program does a great job of walking you through the process step by step.  It is very well done.  Lots of new material and original thought combined with a new spin on the standard thought. The Visioning and [Expression] Elan processes are GOLD. This is an awesome tool! ~Nancy Jane Smith, Speaker & Counselor at

And actually, it includes 2 audio CDs and a DVD, and I still completed the whole thing is five months.

Listen – if I can write a book in 5 months (with three kids under six years old, a highly distractable mind, and working from home), you can absolutely do it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let’s you and me get on the phone or Skype (across a couple of meetings)
  2. I ask you many questions (remember, my superpower is deep inquiry – you’ll say stuff you didn’t even know you were thinking)
  3. Then I write down a lot of notes and craft you an outline for your book.

**Not only will we create the overall structure of the book, but we will flesh out story ideas, examples and ways of amplifying your message on the page.** As with everything I do, your voice reigns supreme. We will name your voice (Expression Elan style, which is included in this process – a $350 value that applies to every communication you engage in) then articulate the many ways you can weave your distinctive voice throughout your book.

Essentially, without someone else writing it for you – your book gets started for you by the time we are finished.

You speak. I write. Book is started, powerfully. Simple, right? Right!

Plus I’ll share with you all of my fancy, unconventional tips for getting the book done so quickly.

Did you hear that? It’s started before we even finish our sessions because you have an outline all laid out, which I write up and send to you – and your distinctive voice is powerfully articulated.

Remember how you didn’t know where to start to get your book written? Now you do.

I’m offering this collaboration –

  • the deep inquiry interview where I take your ideas and organize them into your book outline,
  • the Expression Elan where we name your style so you can shine that gorgeous voice of yours proudly,
  • and the resources I gathered to self-publish my own books

at the best Easy YES price I could imagine, $345.

This price will nearly double soon (it really should – this is a crazy value!) but for now my whole mission is to just get your message out to the wold. It’s time for your book to be born!