You want to give your people every chance possible to do great work.

You know that when you empower their natural talents and greatest skills, they contribute at their highest level. This leads to excellence in your organization – and a whole lot of happy people, too (people love being successful!)!

And yet… inspiring this kind of greatness at work isn’t easy. You’ve got a tremendous variety of personalities, often competing priorities (in your own work and in between your team members). It can feel impossible to create a culture that activates the brilliance in your people. Until now…

I created the Brilliance at Work program after more than twenty years of seeing and hearing truly smart, interesting, high-potential people complain of not being able to do great work in their organizations because of things they felt were outside of their control.

Wtraining-1hat if people in your organization actually enjoyed their work? You’ve heard the statistics, I’m sure. They are bandied about everywhere these days, like this infamous one:

70% of workers are not engaged at work.

(That’s from Gallup research.)Speakingphoto2

This result is consistent across income level and age range (up to 64 years old, then engagement does a nice leap – which is interesting in itself). The question for leadership inside of these companies where their people are pretty  much checked out is – What do we do about this disengagement? Click here to learn about the Brilliance at Work Empowered Employee Engagement program.

training-2Speaking of Brilliance at Work, let’s talk about how brilliantly those company meetings and other presentations are going…

I’ve been teaching public speaking and communication courses since 1998. I love love love training people in organizations to share their ideas more effectively and powerfully because I know that (newsflash!)

Pretty much everyone hates going to company meetings.

(Sorry to tell you. Though, from the conversations I’ve had, you might not like them much either.)

I know because I’ve asked hundreds of people over the years and it is almost unanimous:

Corporate presentations generally bore the bejeezers out of everyone!

speakingimage4But not anymore… Click here to learn more about our Presenting with Clarity & Impact Presentation Skills Training.

training-3Since many small to medium-sized organizations have such varied professional development and training needs for their teams, we put together the perfect a la carte style professional development program. We call the program Coffee Table Talks.

Coffee Table Talks (CTT) are training modules specifically designed to fit into a 90-minute session. Custom created for the needs of your organization, the sessions usually occur once per month and include high-quality training content (of course!) plus discussion and takeaway materials and exercises.

 Click here to learn more about Coffee Table Talks.

Here is a sample of my teaching and training style:

Here’s what lovely people have to say about my trainings:

The training exceeded my expectations. Very relevant and very insightful breakdown and useful tools. I would absolutely recommend it to my colleagues! – Jake Brandl, Field Ops Manager, BendBroadband

I was surprised how you used an easy going approach while maintaining control of the group. Everyone can use these skills. Good pace, the training was several hours but it didn’t  feel like it.Greg Fair, Production Manager, Zolo Media

Michelle’s training was thought-provoking, engaging and informative. I would recommend this training to any professional who has to engage in any level of group discussion. The training is fun, provocative and jam packed with useful tips and suggestions based on proven results. – Lori Skinner, Sales Supervisor, BendBroadband

Michelle demonstrated what she was teaching very well. Excellent teacher on presentations. Thor H. Libkie, Field Operations Supervisor, BendBroadband

I didn’t expect the flexibility and wisdom, as opposed to just tactics and gimmicks as I have seen in the past. Michelle’s style sets a standard and is a great example of a great presentation. Powerful, truthful, new information. –Jillian Cole, Marketing & Sales Manager, Zolo Media

Today’s class was outstanding!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tools.” Katie Williams, Lean Practitioner, St. Charles Medical Center.

Today’s session exceeded my expectations. A variety of great tools shared, many opportunities to practice in a fun environment. I would definitely recommend Michelle to other colleagues in any field. –Karen Fitzgerald, Lean Practitioner, St. Charles Health Systems

In case you’re ready to talk already. Contact us here and let’s start getting you and your business way more exciting when you communicate!

In case you are still wondering whether these trainings will be engaging and powerful enough, here are some of the anonymous comments from students in Michelle Barry Franco’s college classes (if students feel this way, surely she can keep your crowd engaged, right?!):

“The best teacher EVER!”
“I tell everyone I can to take Franco’s class!”
“Michelle’s enthusiasm and love for her topic is awesome. Great teacher!”
“She makes class comfortable for practicing public speaking, even for someone like me who hates it!”
“Michelle is AWESOME!”

If you have any more questions at all – anything we can do to help you move forward and resolve your training and professional development needs – please call us at 434.374.1820 or drop us a note.


I was surprised how you used an “easy going” approach while maintaining control of the group. Everyone can use these skills. Good pace – the training was several hours but it didn’t feel like it.
Greg FairProduction ManagerZolo Media