[Video] The One Word Theme New Year Planning Tool

Happy New Year! (tomorrow.)

You may know that I choose one word every year as a theme for the year ahead. Last year’s word was Beauty. In many ways, it was a year made more beautiful by my commitment to that theme (amidst some very intense personal growth and, well, struggle.) I plan to write out a review of the year, with the theme of beauty as a thread, in the weeks to come. But for today, we are moving forward! In this video, I reveal my One Word Theme for 2013. I do this in hopes it will serve as an example for another way you might like to think about your own year ahead.

Since it’s a bit long, here are some time markers you can  use to pick sections to watch/listen to, depending on your interests:

  • 28 seconds: Where I acknowledge that the words on my shirt are backward
  • 57 seconds: Why I choose a one word theme & what this has to do with YOU
  • 1 minute, 57 seconds: My One Word Theme for 2013, Revealed – and the elements of it applied to the year to come
  • 2 minutes, 26 seconds: About trust
  • 3 minutes, 14 seconds: The moment of Delight
  • 3 minutes, 45 seconds: Summary of the applied theme
  • 3 minutes, 56 seconds: My favorite Part
  • 4 minutes, 28 seconds: Questions for you – and an invitation to write or call me

Now, here’s the video. I hope it serves you. Please share thoughts, themes, and reflections in the comments or by email with me! I’d so love to hear from you.


  1. says

    Hi Michelle!
    Wow! I love the video. I too have been selecting a theme and then a sub-theme (cover all bases); then I select my words for the year. I do this process for my personal life and for my biz – yes, I do it separately so it really makes me dig deeper into discovering my intention and attention for the year. I also develop what I call my “guiding compass” for the year. A statement that puts all of this together. These “words” then become a permanent part of my daily planner to remind me of my compass for the year. Thank you Michelle for sharing your word – I love it! I’ll be working on my “word” this weekend and can’t wait to see what I come up with this year.

  2. says

    Hi Bonnie~ “Guiding compass” – yes, very nice! So diligent, too, having it in your daily planner. What a great idea. Often when I ask others if they choose a theme or words or resolutions, they tell me that they always forget whatever they chose within a few weeks. This daily planner move would take care of that, wouldn’t it? I look forward to learning your words once you have them selected. Please share!

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