The Clarity Sessions

Are you ready to take on 2013 with a loving vengeance? Taking on 2013 with a Loving Vengeance -

You know that what you’ve learned – the process you’ve created, the nutrition plan that changed your life, the mindset you’ve cultivated, the time-management approach you’ve mastered… whatever it is, you know that you could make life easier and more satisfying for others out there who are struggling as you were.

If only you could reach them.

If only you could look them in the eye, kind soul to kind soul, and share your message with them. This – this – would make a difference for them, a really meaningful difference. You know that this business you are building is created from your soul. You know that real lives will be changed from your work, your speaking, your coaching, your consulting, your artistry. You just know it has to be possible to make a real go of this business – to make a sustainable living based on your passionate contribution.

And yet here you are, frustrated and confused, asking yourself: What do I need to be saying and doing to make this business work, to make my message land and inspire action?

  • you just don’t know where to start
  • Your vision for your business (and life with your business) is foggy or slippery or otherwise not crystal clear
  • you keep changing your mind and therefore are losing trust in yourself and your soul-inspired work
  • you haven’t figured out what to offer to make money to support this beautiful work
  • you know you can say it more powerfully – in a way that drops jaws – you just aren’t sure HOW
  • you hate marketing and selling
  • you are afraid.

Possibly things are working just fine, for what they’ve been, but now you are ready to take your message out there in new, uncharted ways.

I can help.

I’ve been in all of those places and I’ve come out the other side. It took a long time, a lot of mistakes (if you believe in such things) and a lot of unnecessary expense. But you know what, I’m good with that because it lead me here, to you. And it taught me how to help save you from all of that misery.

And you and me, we’ve got some CLARITY to create for you!


The Clarity Sessions.

What: 75 minutes of you and me working together directly and powerfully on your Radical Clarity for 2013. Whatever your question/concern/desired outcome, we both dig in deeply and passionately, together. We are a team in service of your business. It’s not just this 75-minute session, though. Your Clarity Session includes:

  • A complete questionnaire sent to you prior so I am fully prepared to be useful immediately in our session. (Just filling out the questionnaire will bring you more clarity!)
  • A website/speech/book outline/business planning notes… review. I’ll review anything you’d like to send me to help me get a sense of what you are trying to say more powerfully.
  • One week of reasonable email support after our session to help you apply and refine your new clarity in your business.

Why: Because I know the questions to ask, have the resources to recommend, I will support you whole-heartedly – and you don’t have to do this alone anymore.

When: Any Tues, Weds or Thursday in January 2013 between 9am – 2pm EST (as spots are available – you will get a link to my online meeting scheduler as soon as you purchase your session.)

Where: Video Skype or phone, as you wish.

How much: $120 per session (maximum 2 sessions – if you need more, let’s talk about a package for you.)

Every step of the way, I experienced Michelle as focused, understanding and playful. I am a total fan of Michelle’s process. I’ve had plenty of experience with making marketing decisions that did not include the clarity Michelle creates and have a trail behind me of results that range from pedestrian to attractive. Until now nothing has felt uniquely me. I always want Michelle on the front end of my endeavors and if you want a first class result to show the world, you should put Michelle on your front end too.”  –Jane Meyers

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One Clarity Session Package = $120

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For now, I’m only planning these sessions for January of 2013. So, if you have been wanting to work with me, this is by far the greatest one-on-one value I’ve ever offered. I am doing this because, as I check in on my own soul-inspired work in the world, I realize that I want to make it as easy as possible for you to be supported by me. The world needs your message – I am absolutely sure of this. I believe authentic, powerful self-expression changes the world. I absolutely know this in my heart. So, I hope you will take me up on this. I just know there are real people out there right now waiting to hear from you with your gorgeous, life-changing message!

In case it helps to hear from someone else about our work together:

Michelle Barry Franco’s style is a rare combination of intelligence, integrity and wit. All of which one needs when building an entrepreneurial venture. Over the last two years, we’ve met to work on varied projects such as product launching, branding, copy writing, public speaking and coaching. Michelle’s expertise and support have saved me hundreds of hours of struggle, catapulting my business. She is generous with her knowledge and time and I will continue to keep her on the top of my list of business partners. | Joan Dudley, President, The Sol Center

Not sure if this is the right move for you right now in your business? Want to ask me something that would help you decide? Click here to email me. I’d love to answer any questions you have to help you determine if The Clarity Sessions are right for you.