Speaking Coaching

Clarity. Confidence. Natural Charisma.

You want to make an impact when you speak. You want it to matter – to change things, to help others do their good work, too.

Maybe you are doing a keynote presentation or a breakout session at an industry conference.  Or you need to level up your sales presentation to close more deals.  You might need a new training presentation to get your whole team prepared for the new program you’ll be implementing. Maybe what you need now – finally – is to craft and refine the presentation that will showcase your expertise, your awesome new product or the path you took to transforming your own life.

Whatever your reason for taking the stage (or front of the room), you absolutely can (and really must!) make a powerful, meaningful impact.

You can have and be all of that. It’s not rocket science. And it’s not reserved for a select few. It’s rightfully yours.

I can help you craft a powerful presentation and deliver it in a way that moves the room.

I know the formula, I know the nuances of the silent language of speakers, and I know how to help you reveal your most authentic, powerful speaking voice. I can’t wait to help you hit the stage with more confidence, ease and impact than you ever imagined.

Here’s how we can work together. You pick what’s best for you. Or, contact me and let’s talk it over.

Speaking Audit

You send me a 20-40 minute clip of video from your last presentation (preferably live video from a real presentation but we can talk about other options if you don’t have a clip), along with a list of questions and thoughts about your performance. I watch that video and give you detailed feedback, based on your wishes and questions. I probably will give you feedback on stuff you don’t ask about, too. Rest assured, though, that my feedback is always specific, useful and compassionate.

We have a 45 – 60 minute phone conversation to plan the changes you will implement to make your presentation even more captivating, engaging and inspiring. If you’d like, I’ll watch a practice round of your revised presentation – live via Skype or via a video you upload for me. You will walk away with direct, implementable, exciting and completely authentic ways that you can make an even bigger impact when you speak. You’ll get your small speaking audit investment back in speaking fees and/or new clients in no time. Even more important, you’ll bring positive impact to even more people every time you stand up to speak. Email me to schedule a time if you want to start at the Speaking Audit.

Your Signature Speech

From start to finish, we craft the speech for which you become the known authority in your industry. Here’s how it works:

We dig into your brilliant brain for most beautiful version of your big message to the world.
Then we sculpt the most compelling language that magnetizes the people who need and want what you have to share.

We weave your natural expression style into every aspect of your presentation, giving the audience the most authentic, engaging version of you when you speak. You will use your Signature Speech over and over again, attracting clients and high ticket projects, new speaking gigs, and changing the world in the way only you can. I’m so excited for you – and the all of those people out there waiting to hear your message – let’s get started! (email me and let’s set a time to talk asap!)

Client Feedback

I had a large presentation coming up for our leadership team and I knew I could use a helping hand… After just a few sessions with Michelle, she helped me to identify gaps between content and slides layout, she helped me to understand the true craft of slide design; less is more! And of course, provided me with constructive feedback for my always improving presentation skills. I truly appreciated what Michelle had to offer. I loved hearing from one of my audience members that my presentation kept them engaged and inspired. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to present with confidence and ease. Thanks again Michelle, you’re great at what you do!

~Cory H, Quality Improvement Facilitator, Bend, OR

Michelle Barry Franco’s speaking coaching gave me the confidence I needed to stand in front of 100′s of women for a presentation on social media. Thanks Michelle for your enduring and honest support!

~Lynn Wenger, Webprodigy, Bend, OR.

She was awesome! She made this terrifying speaking experience actually fun! I was amazed at how much I was at ease. I will definitely use Michelle in the future and would highly recommend her.

~Sandi L., Bend, OR.

The presentation was a success with 64 in attendance and great feedback. The audience participation was high and animated. I felt well prepared and the PowePoint “photos only” kept the audience interested. Thanks for your honing and refocusing. It gave me a lot more confidence to just go for it.”

~Chris H., Bend, OR.