Soul Power to Your Message – The Book


You’ve got something powerful to say.

You know it’s time to take your message to the stage -or the workshop space or maybe begin changing lives as a retreat leader.

The information you have to share lives in you like a whirlwind – a zillion options for ways you can share it, make it matter, change things with it. You have stories, data, exercises and interactive activities. You have big ideas and little quiet ways that you know make people stop and think – and shift and change. It’s so hard to know where to start. How to go from years of swirling words and information… to a clear, concise, powerful presentation.

Until now.

Your Expertise + This Book = Life-Changing Speaking.

This book will take your hand and lead you through the process of creating your life-changing presentation. But not before it inspires you with stories of messengers who have changed thousands of lives with their message (Chris Brogan & Jennifer Louden, no less!) – written best-selling books, spoken on stages to thousands of people, and yes – making good money while doing it. All while staying true to their heartfelt passionate message.

If you are looking for a DIY process that feels as close to someone sitting with you, crafting your message right along with you, this is it. I filled this book with the entire process I take my one-on-one clients through, including how to:

    • distill your message to the Core Message that articulates the change you facilitate in others’ lives
    • name your own authentic, powerful style in a most unexpected and thrilling way (you’ll use this for so much more than speaking!)
    • organize your message into a memorable, remarkably simple format that your audiences will love
    • tell stories that rivet your audience and inspire real change, naturally
    • deliver your speech with greater ease and authenticity than you imagined possible
    • choose amplifying aids that actually increase audience engagement (instead of being the distraction that so many amplifying aids end up being)
    • work with the natural anxiety that comes with big, bold moves like taking the stage with your message

Here’s what some truly brilliant women have to say about the book:

This book rocked! Soul Power to Your Message is a must-read book for any entrepreneur looking to make a big impact. At first blush, it might seem like another presentation guide – but this is SO much more. Michelle is truly gifted at helping people get right the very core of their most powerful and authentic message. She asks just the right questions to cut through the noise and help clarify that one singular message that only you can own. And she encourages you every step of the way. I am very clear on my message, but I have to say that going through Michelle’s book cover-to-cover, I unearthed new insights and am much more focused about how I spread my message. Honestly – I wish I had this book when I was first starting out in business. It would have saved me a LOT of confusion and struggle around my right message and story. I’ll be suggesting all my clients pick up a copy of this book – it’s THAT good.~ Stephanie Pollock, Business Activator + Leadership Coach,

Before reading “Power to Your Message” I had a few vague pointers and bits of knowledge about public speaking. I had a message but the only place it lived was my heart and my head as well as jumbled in a few blog posts. Michelle has done an amazing job of not only allowing me to get crystal clear about my message, but organizing it in such a way that I can use it for speaking, blogging, writing my book and attracting more of my ideal clients. (Not to mention leaving my legacy!)

My favorite part was the Expression Élan. It allowed me to become more comfortable in my own natural authenticity while speaking my own message. What a relief! Before, I had tried to force myself to be professional and serious, which my audience would see right through. Not fun.

Thank you, Michelle for creating this product!  Everyone that is passionate about their message and that wants to get it out into the world must have this ebook! Seriously. It’s so concise and clear, easy to follow, I just love it.

~Andrea Owen, Coach,

Just finished Soul Power to Your Message! LOVED IT!  I appreciated your sharing and openness and the exercises were really helpful–which is saying something since I have read a lot of these ‘get to your message’ books!!  I appreciated how you walked me through it bit by bit so it didn’t seem so overwhelming to come up with my message–hand holding that didn’t feel like hand holding.  I loved your message at the end–really felt like you were rooting for me and cheering me on!!

~Nancy Jane Smith, Career Change Counselor,

You can order Soul Power to Your Message on for $19.95 or $12.95 for the Kindle version.