It’s not about getting clients

You want to build a sustainable business, of course.

Actually, unless you are independently wealthy (my guess is that you are not), you actually must make a good living doing this work of yours in order to keep doing it.

And you know you must keep doing it. This is the work of your soul, your calling.

So, given that you must make money and you must keep doing this work, it would follow that the place to spend your energy and focus is on getting more clients who pay you to do this beautiful, life-enhancing work.

That’s what most people do – they focus on getting clients.

Which is why most people doing purpose-driven work struggle painfully to make enough money to keep doing that work.

Yes – focusing on getting clients is the cause of your struggle to attract more clients.

Intense focus on getting clients is terribly unattractive and off-putting to the people you are on this earth to serve with your beautiful message and work.

I’ll show you: Remember the last time you were at an event and it was clear that the person who just walked up to meet you was completely focused on getting clients?

Remember the way it felt to talk with them? Even if they weren’t blatantly obvious about “selling” to you, you could feel that they were “fishing” with their questions.

They were acting interested in you but their questions and their superficial energy told you otherwise.

If you want to attract to you the people you are on this earth to serve, you must magnetize them.

You must become irresistible to the right people. They must see you as a place to come for support and trustworthy guidance in their own growth, in a way that matters to them deeply.

Magnetic, transformational communication – the kind that attracts clients to you with ease and grace – happens on a visceral, energetic level. It is never about “getting clients.” It’s always about offering our gifts in service of others.

How do you communicate in a way that magnetizes the right people to you?

There is a whole article to share on this (look for it next week), but here are the essentials. Magnetic communication has these three elements:

  1. It’s all about them (truly).
  2. It is rich in your distinctive voice. 
  3. It is generously useful.

If you use this list above as a checklist for every communication – networking, speaking, writing – you will begin noticing that clients come your way without you trying.

The reasons for this are simple: other-focused, authentic, high-quality communication inspires connection and engagement.

From this place of strong human connection, knowing that you are a confident guide and trustworthy support, it is natural – and often exciting – for clients to pay you to help them reach their goals.

Yes, they become clients – but only because it was never about getting clients for you.

It was – and is – about taking a stand for what your right people want and need and showing up with integrity and commitment to help them get it.


This builds you a sustainable business that feels amazing to you. This serves your clients beautifully and powerfully. This ensures you will be able to continue to do this work of your soul as long as you feel called to do it.

This is the magic formula for creating a sustainable business doing the work of your soul:

Take a stand for what you know to be true (your Message)

and commit to being of service to

the people you are on this Earth to serve.

Start  here – What are you taking a stand for? Please share in the comments below. (I’ll go first – see below.)

P.S. Watch next week for a lot more about how exactly to apply those three elements of magnetic communication.


  1. Michelle Barry Franco says

    I take a stand for your authentic, courageous self-expression as the powerfully magnetic force for you making your meaningful contribution in the world – and growing a sustainable business you love as a result.

  2. says

    Thank you, Michelle for being so authentically passionate about supporting me and countless others in delivering our magnetizing messages!

    I take a stand for living and sharing the path of joy, freedom and purpose. For helping others “choose more fulfilled life not just busy, filled life”. I believe we are either moving toward God or away and that each decision provides a choice. This year I choose trust – Trust that God has a plan for me… A very special, unique and important plan. Just as i believe He does for each person out there in this world.

  3. Michelle Barry Franco says

    I am so happy to hear you here, Robin. Yes, you do take a stand for that and I LOVE that you are out there sharing your beautiful message! I’m looking forward to seeing the impact you will continue to make inviting others to step into their fulfilled lives.

  4. says

    Thank you SO much for this reminder!! I hate my business when I focus on “getting” clients. It makes me feel creepy crawly on the inside and annoying on the outside. When I step back and remember that my work is about how I can make their (my clients’) lives better, richer, less stressful, everything changes. I’m authentic, true to myself and the entire purpose of my business and more motivated.

  5. says

    This is HUGE! It took me about 5 years to get it.. and when I did – things shifted. Thanks:
    It’s all about them (truly).
    It is rich in your distinctive voice.
    It is generously useful.
    I’m posting on my computer…

  6. Michelle Barry Franco says

    Yes – it is SO much about the energy we bring, how WE feel when we are out there sharing our work. Then it is so easy to offer up the help with such clarity and genuine enthusiasm. Thanks for being here, Brenna.

  7. Michelle Barry Franco says

    I just LOVE seeing this list on your computer in my mind’s eye, Cena. What a great idea!

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