Irresistible Website Copy




Oh, how daunting the blank website page can be!

How many times have you written and re-written your website copy?

(I’ve been there, my friend. I know. Ugh.)

Even those of us who are message-driven can struggle with getting our message articulated clearly and powerfully on our own websites. This can be particularly daunting when we know that it is a “marketing” move. Often the very thought of “selling” ourselves and our message feels like the antithesis of our loving mission. Yet, we also know that getting the word out about the ways we can help is the only way we can help.

And so there we sit, staring at the screen… trying to find the right words.

We want them to feel authentic, true – caring and generous. We want to give freely and still reserve enough of our wisdom and expertise to build our sustainable business. To invite our right clients to work with us more deeply.

We want the words we write to be a reflection of our authentic expression and life-changing message.

But we aren’t sure if they actually can do all of that – especially if we have to craft them ourselves.

You could hire a copywriter… and some do. It can work beautifully.

But what if you aren’t at that level in your business yet? Or what if you simply aren’t ready to hand over this precious part of your message expression just now (or maybe ever.)

Good news arrives now. I can help with this. I can help a lot.

Together, we can create a process for you that will make crafting your website feel easier and more authentic every time you sit in front of a new, clean web page.

And be sure you read to the end of this page, because there is a gift in here that I know will make this whole idea so much more exciting for you…

Here’s what the process entails:

You and I get on the phone or Skype for a Deep Inquiry Interview (my superpower, you know.) In this interview, I learn everything I need to know to help you craft amazing web copy (and probably lots of other stuff like products and services, but those are side bonuses – no charge, they arrive if they do and I share them if they occur.) The Expression Elan process is built in here so we can put a name to your distinctive style (a $350 value in itself.)

I go off to my special you-research sanctuary space (my office transforms into this) and study your materials (website, if you have one, client brochures, business card… anything you’ve got to share) and I write up a bunch of notes.

We get back on the phone for a second session, this time to discuss ideas and clarify any questions that arise in my you-research phase. We also finish out your Expression Elan and get that clarified.

I send you a report with:

  • Your Expression Elan details (so much richness here to use in every aspect of your business)
  • detailed notes on copy for each of the pages on your website
  • phrases, colors, images, feelings
  • an outline for your web copy writing
  • an easy reference for making your copy more engaging and exciting every time you sit down to write
  • BONUSES: I also have checklists for choosing web designers, what to include as part of your website and plenty of other resources to help you get this website project done and done well. They are all yours with this package.

Plus I am here with email support for two weeks after I send you the report to help you apply everything we fleshed out to your copy and support you in creating the most gorgeous, compelling copy you ever imagined writing.

Finally, here is that gift I mentioned earlier…

I know this will take this whole idea to a new level of exciting: For a limited time (I don’t know how long yet), I’ll personally write your bio for your website “About” page. It’ll be a concise and powerful version of your “Why” story (the real, deeply personal reason you must share this message of yours.)

I do this because I know how hard it can be to write our own stories. Having just interviewed you, I will have the story right there in my heart, ready for sharing on your behalf.

I also do this because I know that if you can see your story – your Why – right there in front of you, it will help you push through the fear that often blocks our ability to expression ourselves powerfully. I used to charge up to $200 for a bio like this. But for you, for right now, it’s my gift with this Irresistible Website Copy package.

With all of this, you will be beautifully armed for crafting some life-changing, client magnetizing website copy.

You will be able to sit down and begin writing, Right. Away. Can you imagine?

You can use this over and over and over for your web copy now and forever. It’s timeless. Compared to hiring a copywriter at $125-$250 or more per page,

I’m offering this collaboration at a wildly “Easy YES” price of $345.

That price will nearly double soon. But for now, I really, really want to make this easy for you to say “Yes” to. It’s time to get out there and change lives like you know you can. I want to help.