Happy Clients

Star_headshotMichelle Barry Franco is BRILLIANT and has given me the clarity that I’ve been seeking. I’ve silently been holding back on taking my game to the next level… why? Well, I didn’t feel confident about the content on my website, didn’t feel secure in my CORE message, didn’t feel like I had truly settled on my ideal client. We uncovered self-imposed limitations along the way, dug deep into my story (HUGE story) and came out the other side with a HUGE rocket of MOTIVATION! Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your brownies with me!!! So inspired!

Star Staubach, Aliveness Coach at IgniteRadiance.com

Solitude Headshot Pink croppedDear Michelle,

Sitting down to write a testimonial for you, I realize it’s going to sound more like a love letter. And I’m OK with that! By working with you the last few months, it has helped me to see that I can be successful in business and still have this lovely, receptive, graceful, feminine energy about my work because you model that so beautifully.

You’ve helped me to see that there is power, strength and transformation that occurs in the intimate details of sharing a story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level. You are a gifted listener, a discerning coach, a resourceful entrepreneur and I know that our work together is going to be the foundation of my new body of work for the next few years, if not the next decade of my career as a coach and speaker. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Elizabeth Barbour, www.elizabethbarbour.com

I promise that I will not ALWAYS begin each email and conversation “gushing” about your giftedness.  However, it is difficult to contain myself regarding the gratitude I feel that naturally overflows from me to you.  You are really helping me to reveal what really is the root of my message, purpose and mission.  Thank you for your listening heart and your discerning ear.  You are truly blessed with special gifts that are gifting me.  ~Robin Hurst, yourpathmatters.com

Michelle just gets it.  You know, IT.  The fact that you’ve got something inside of you- something important and too big to keep bottled up-that you need to share with the world.”

Brenna-Peyton-274x300I really can’t even begin to put into words the effect that working with Michelle, and especially the Expression Elan, has had on me and my business.  

First of all, Michelle just gets it.  You know, IT.  The fact that you’ve got something inside of you- something important and too big to keep bottled up-that you need to share with the world.  She gets that it’s this heart pounding juxtaposition between “I HAVE TO DO THIS!” and “WHY? WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?” She knows when to be supportive and when to give you that swift kick we all need sometimes.  

The thing with Michelle, though, is that she also knows how to crawl inside of your heart, pull out and put words to all that important stuff you’ve got swimming around in there.  She digs and digs and digs until that nebulous thing you can’t wrap your mind around is written down for you on a sheet of paper.  

Seriously, within days, I had a new tagline that I absolutely love and 100% fits both me and my business and a complete rebranding of my business was in the works.  It also gave me the clarity and confidence to write,design and publish my first ebook. 

Oh, and my business grew enough that I was able to quit my “day job” to focus on my business full time.  Less than six months after the Expression Elan process, my husband and I relocated to another state for his job.  That meant starting over with my business in a new location and completely new clientel.  I had my first client within a month.  There’s no way that any of that would’ve happened without Michelle’s help.  Instead of starting at zero again, I was able to jump into a brand new market with confidence,  calm assurance and a little bit of sass.

The best part of what Michelle does is that it’s not just applicable to business.  Each and every process that I’ve done with her is 100% applicable to the everyday person who just needs a little bit more focus.  Who feels like all this fabulous stuff on the inside isn’t quite making it to the outside.  I think it’s fair to say that most of us spend the first part of our life trying to fit in and the rest of our life trying to stand out.  Michelle can help you make that happen, no doubt.  ~Brenna Peyton, oneorganizedgirl.com

“Working with Michelle is like going to a (completely successful) wedding party with your own business as your partner. Fun, happy, meaningful, festive, a perfect blend of different emotions.”

SusanneHoogwaterI love words, but I am also an introvert and shy to put into words what I do, how I work, what the gift is to other people and Michelle is just fearless in recognizing IT, saying IT, and helping me to express more of IT.  

I love Michelle’s work, her sparkling personality, her laser-like sense for what really fits with me and my work, her rich sense of language and her generosity to honor and celebrate the messages and gifts of her clients. Working with Michelle is like going to a (completely successful) wedding party with your own business as your partner. Fun, happy, meaningful, festive, a perfect blend of different emotions. Like watching Hugh Grant in Four weddings in a funeral. A treat! Go party with your business, and give yourself the gift of working one/one with Michelle on the expression of you and your business. ~Susanne Hoogwater, www.SketchThinking.com


Presentation coaching feedback:

I had a large presentation coming up for our leadership team and I knew I could use a helping hand… After just a few sessions with Michelle, she helped me to identify gaps between content and slides layout, she helped me to understand the true craft of slide design; less is more! And of course, provided me with constructive feedback for my always improving presentation skills. I truly appreciated what Michelle had to offer. I loved hearing from one of my audience members that my presentation kept them engaged and inspired. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to present with confidence and ease. Thanks again Michelle, you’re great at what you do!   

~Cory H, Quality Improvement Facilitator, Bend, OR

Michelle Barry Franco’s speaking coaching gave me the confidence I needed to stand in front of 100′s of women for a presentation on social media. Thanks Michelle for your enduring and honest support!    

~Lynn Wenger, Webprodigy, Bend, OR.

She was awesome!  She made this terrifying speaking experience actually fun! I was amazed at how much I was at ease. I will definitely use Michelle in the future and would highly recommend her.    

~Sandi L., Bend, OR.

The presentation was a success with 64 in attendance and great feedback.  The audience participation was high and animatedI felt well prepared and the PowePoint “photos only” kept the audience interested.  Thanks for your honing and refocusing.  It gave me a lot more confidence to just go for it.”   

~Chris H., Bend, OR.