You thought running your own gig would be way more fun than this, right?

I so get that! And you know what – it will be!

I have worked with so many entrepreneurs and business owners who left their corporate jobs because they were miserable in the corporate “rat race.” They felt disregarded, unheard, ineffective and completely unappreciated. And the truth is, many times they really were experiencing those those things – so it makes perfect sense!

Here’s the rub, though: Being in business for ourselves can feel just as crappy. (Though it doesn’t have to – you’ll see.)

Only now, instead of the problem being co-workers, bosses and endless confusion about the direction of the company and our work, we are worried about how we are going to actually make any money at all. We worry about marketing messages, who our Ideal Clients are, and how to hire website designers and accountants (or how we can possibly do that all ourselves).

Here’s the common thread in all of this working angst and frustration: Us. (This isn’t about blame – it’s an awesome opportunity. You’ll see!)

We were there in the corporate J-O-B and we are here now in our business. So WE are the place of opportunity. It is within us that we can transform our experience of work, no matter what the environment. Here’s what I have learned with absolute certainty in my twenty years of working in corporate jobs and in business for myself – there is only one path to doing amazing work and this is this:

We are the authors of our work life. Period. No economic conditions, fear of failure or other sense of not-knowing-enough gets to own our brilliance. Ever.

When we get crystal clear on the fulless of our Brilliance at Work, we are empowered to handle all other aspects of our business from magnetizing clients to overall business strategy to writing our epic expert-status-building book.

I created the Brilliance at Work program to show you exactly how to that authority in your business. Step-by-step, you are the master of the whole thing.

Here’s what we can help you create in your business and beautiful work with the Brilliance at Work framework as our coaching guide:

  • Create a business that feels amazing to you and attracts clients you can really help with your expertise.
  • Magnetize clients with ease, without icky selling and strange “sales conversations” that make you cringe.
  • Speak, write, network and otherwise build your expertise and authority status at the most authentic, powerful way possible.
  • Let go of the stories and other mindset blocks that absolutely block your success in your business.
  • Attract high-level partnerships and collaborations that lead to greater exposure – and a much larger reach so you can help even more people in your business.
  • Love going to work more than ever before. 
  • Make more money in your business. Truth.

I created the Brilliance at Work program after over twenty years of trying (and failing, yet trying again!) to tap my own brilliance at work. I did everything wrong for a long time, then I started doing a few things right, then I spent a few years refining this “right path” and now I KNOW that it works! It worked for me, it has worked for many clients over the last six years and now it will work for you, too.

Sound good? Let’s do this. Here are the coaching packages available to you:

Three-Month 1:1 Coaching Package – you and me, serving up your Brilliance at Work

Three months is the minimum amount of time it takes to do this right.

First, I want you to know: Brilliance at Work is only a framework. It’s a powerful framework, but it is just that. It does not determine your goals, your outcomes or give you the “formula” to make your goals happen. You don’t need a formula. You have everything in you right now that you need to bring your brilliance to the world, big time.

So this is not about me telling you what you should need or want to do your brilliant work. NO WAY. You are the captain of this here ship! My job is to give you the tools, questions, deep listening and feedback that helps you get where you want to be in your work.

In our coaching together, you will get (as determined by your desires):

  • Crystal Clarity on:
    • Your Natural Genius (a simple yet profound discovery process it itself)
    • Your Vision for your work contribution (the basis of all of the work you will do in the world!)
    • Your Dynamic Strategic Map (you’ll have a clear plan to follow with all kinds of ways to let it shift as you go, too)
  • Commitment to your beautiful vision, the people you are meant to serve and you bringing your brilliance to your work every single day. (This part is enhanced by a custom designed ritual ceremony to reinforce your commitment. You’re going to love this!)
  • Confidence to stay the course of your business, to bring your brilliance to the world and share it with authenticity and impact. We work through powerful exercises that connect you with your grounded confidence and we will put a strategy in place to continually deepen your confidence over time. Confidence is magnetic! Your clients want and need this from you.
  • Emotional Connection like you’ve never felt before with your great work. No matter what your business offerings entail, it is the emotional connection – your genuine Caring –  with your work (product and people) that keeps us focused in the hard times. We’ll deepen this connection and establish the story that will help your clients connect deeply with you as well. You will use this story in so many places in your business!
  • A strong connection with your Natural Charisma style, including a ton of tools for ramping up your magnetism. You are going to love this process! I bring over twenty years of teaching and coaching public speaking to this part of our work together. We will also work on your charismatic communication so that you are a magnetic light whenever you communicate about your business. Prepare to attract people like never before (and love it!)

The real outcome – the one you want so very much and have been working so hard to create – is the thriving, fun, lucrative business you’ve been dreaming of since the moment you first envisioned your business.

How it works:

We meet three times per month, for about one hour each session. We begin with a discovery and strategy session (this is a deep dive, 2-hour session) during which we establish the goals you want to reach and set a strategy for getting there. For each session going forward, I bring exercises and tools that help you reveal and activate your brilliance like wildfire. I am your partner, available to you through email between sessions to share triumphs (there will be many) and frustrations and questions (sure, those will come up, too).

We use the 5 Cs of Brilliance at Work (Clarity, Commitment, Confidence, Caring & Charisma) to guide our work together. Each one is completely customized to your needs and your goals.

We check in regularly to be sure we are on track. We adjust as needed. Your goals are my goals. Ultimately, your Brilliance shines – and your business prospers and enlivens as a result!

Email me to set up a completely no-obligation call so we can talk about how I might help you finally bring your full brilliance to work in your business.

A note about coaching with me:

I only work with people are who committed to doing things different than they’ve done them so far. I say this because, after twenty years of helping others step into their most powerful expression, I know it’s the only way this works.

For this to work – for your investment of time and energy to truly pay off – you’ve got to do the work. We will dig deep together. I will ask questions that surprise you – you might not even like some of them. I promise, every one of them is in service of your brilliance, your amazing work life. I believe in direct, compassionate, loving and honest feedback and this is how I will engage with you. I am fiercely committed to you and your brilliance in the world. I will never compromise that commitment by not asking, sharing, reflecting or otherwise serving you in our coaching together.