Five Questions I Am Often Asked About Speaking – And Their Answers

When I share that I am a speaking coach, it usually surprises people. Many times the person I’m talking with has never actually met a speaking coach. The cool thing about this is that novelty seems to inspire rich conversations. I love to ask people what they would most want to say if they could influence a whole room full of people. It’s amazing how much passion this question can evoke.
And while the conversations are quite varied, the questions that I get asked about speaking tend to be quite similar. I created a video to address five of the most common questions I am asked during these conversations as well as from my coaching clients, audiences and workshop attendees. Maybe one of these questions is on your mind too. Click the video below to hear the questions and my answers.

We are going to talk more about every one of these topics, all while we craft your truly useful, client-attracting signature speech in Speak So It Matters™ for Coaches & Wellness Experts. It’s starting next week. You can learn more about the course and sign up here.

How to Move Past Imposter Syndrome

When I look back over the things that have stopped me from doing the real work I am on this Earth to do, it is blindingly clear to me that ONE thing has been in the way all along.

ONE thing.

I can also see clearly how this ONE thing is also the primary thing stopping every client with whom I work from getting out there in a big way with their message.

You know what this one thing is? It’s the stories we tell ourselves.

And the lead story for way too many of us (myself included for a very long time) is that we don’t know enough. We aren’t “expert” enough. We are, in essence, Imposters. In this video, I tell you exactly how to think about your expertise so that you can set aside that agonizing “imposter” story and actually get out there and change some lives with your important work.

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If you’re not at that place yet, that’s perfect as well. I’ll be back next week with more goods to help you speak with clarity, conviction and confidence in front of any audience, anytime.

How to Make Money From Speaking

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is:

How do I make money from my speaking?

The person asking is almost always wanting to know how people get paid an actual fee specifically for delivering their speech.

This is a legitimate (or “legit”, as my daughter would say) question. People DO get paid to speak – sometimes big bucks. I get paid to speak sometimes, too.

But actually (except for corporate training type speaking) I do more “free” speaking than paid speaking. I talk about why I love speaking for free and why it can be the very best marketing strategy in this video:

Especially for those of us who want to truly serve others with our story and our life-changing wisdom, speaking is a beautiful way to remove the uncertainty that often gets in the way of clients making the decision to hire you.

To use speaking effectively in your business growth, you need to do two things really well:

  1. Choose your audiences strategically so you are most likely to connect with people who really need your services
  2. Craft your presentation in a particular way, with a magic mix of in-the-moment useful content (none of that “give them the why but not the how” stuff you’ve heard about!) and inspiring examples of real life stories that light them up and move them to action.

Important note: there is a way to do this without being salesy, manipulative or icky. That’s what I show you how to do in my new online speaking course Speak So It Matters™ for Coaches and Wellness Experts.

Speaking is a beautiful and generous way to attract clients who really need what you have to offer and make good money as a result. I’d love to show you how to do this so you can reach even more people with your life-changing work. Here’s a link to my new online speaking course one more time.

Why I chose to focus 100% of my business on speaking

I spent the first five years of my business trying to figure out exactly how to serve people with my gifts. I knew what my skill set was – I even knew I have a Unique Brilliance in this domain – but I just could not reconcile all of my made-up stories about what it means to be a “speaking coach” with my deep desire to serve.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, while this is my story, it’s really all about you – especially if you are in the business of changing other people’s lives with your beautiful work. (I suspect you are, since you are here in our community.)

In this video, I tell you my story – and also what it has to do with you. I also tell you about the online speaking course I created for you, called Speak So It Matters™ for Coaches & Wellness Experts! Oh yes, I did – I created an ONLINE speaking course for you!ssim_coaches_wellness_course_logo

Here’s the link to the OPEN TODAY course registration page. Please check it out today if you think you might want to join. I am keeping this first-round group to a very small maximum of 10 people and I expect those seats to go fast (it’s a significantly discounted price, in exchange for your feedback.)

Here’s the video:

Hope to see you in class!

Eliminate the sales conversation altogether

What if you could almost entirely bypass that awkward sales process?

Turns out, many times you can if you implement this one beautiful strategy. (I don’t expect this to shock you, coming from me. But I do hope it will inspire you to take real action on it!)

Here’s how this magic strategy has served my own lack of love for the “sales conversation.” I think you’ll see how it can work perfectly in your business, too, when you hear these two quick stories.

Also – special note! As mentioned in the video, stay tuned early next week for the most accessible, awesome offering I have ever pulled together in my many years in business. Can’t wait to share it with you!