Three Strategies for Easing Speaking Anxiety In the Moment


A bit of visual peace for you.

As I stood there on that stage, the only light was the one shining directly on me. Faces shadowed in the stadium seats of the theatre, silence screamed at me: “Say it! Say the next line!” I was petrified, racking my brain for the lines I had prepared so many times. All I could think was, “Oh, Gohd, make me disappear!” I wanted a trap door to open under my feet. Even a big hook from stage left pulling me offstage would have been better.

Speaking anxiety is a wild and burly beast, isn’t it?


I wish I had known these three strategies seventeen years ago on that stage in San Francisco.

They would have helped me recover from that moment. (In case you’re curious, I did recover – just barely. And learned a cool lesson, too. You can see me tell the story here.)

Let’s make sure you have these tools in your toolbox now so that next time you have the opportunity to speak and anxiety starts to interfere with your ability to be truly brilliant in that speaking, you can call on them immediately. Here are those three strategies:

1. Catch It Early:

Possibly the trickiest thing about anxiety is that the very thought of experiencing it can make us anxious. In fact you might even be feeling a tiny bit of it as you read this (if you do, go read point #2 below and implement immediately :) )

Here’s a classic example: You are given the opportunity (or assignment) to speak. Your heart skips a beat and your hands get damp (early anxiety arriving on scene). Without even knowing it, this reaction causes you to tuck away this assignment – to “deal with it later.” It’s in the back of your mind but every time it comes up again, that discomfort arrives with it, and you decide something else more pressing must get handled. (Is this sounding familiar? If it does, don’t feel bad. You are so not alone!) By the time you get to preparing for this speaking event, the anxiety has grown even more – and you are pressed for time to boot!

This also happens in the middle of speaking. It happens while standing at the front of the room or on the stage and seeing the first “sea of faces” – or when you realize you just told that last story wrong (even though they have no idea how the story was supposed to go anyway). These are moments when we can catch the anxiety rising early and head it off before it takes us over. The “catch it early” strategy is only about noticing. It’s recognizing in the moment that we are heading toward (but not yet in the spiral of) anxiety. We feel our heartbeat quicken, notice our attention moving away from our message and the audience and into our own heads. The only thing to do in that moment is to notice, stop and implement point #2 below.

2. Take a Belly Breath:

Immediately upon noticing signs of increasing anxiety in your body, take a breath slowly into your belly. You’re probably thinking that will look strange to your audience – stopping and breathing. Trust me, it will do a far better job of keeping your audience engaged and feeling peaceful than if you don’t do this. Of course, wait to finish your current sentence. But only wait that long. Then take a short pause, a deep belly breath – maybe while walking to the other side of the room or stage – then speak again. The calm and ease this will bring you is so good. If you aren’t familiar with how to take a belly breath (it’s quite different than most of us breath normally), here is a video I created last year that shows you how.

This works beautifully in the moment – and it also works way back when you first learn about your speaking opportunity. Take a few deep belly breaths and get started on the preparation immediately. Nothing will ease your anxiety as well as giving yourself plenty of time to prepare!

3. Stay Over with Them and Out of You:

This strategy leads directly from my own speaking mantra, which is: “This is not about me. This is about them and how I can serve them more powerfully.” Read that aloud, will you? This is the truth. This thing you are about to do – this sharing of your message (whether from the stage, as a contributor in class, or writing an article for publication) – it is about service. You are here to make life better for people with your message. The stage, front of the room or whatever other place through which that message channels – it’s just that, a channel for your service to them.

If you can remember this – that it’s all about them – then your “performance” is so much less burdened. Your need to be perfect doesn’t even make sense. Your perfection doesn’t inspire change in others,  human connection and contribution does. Thoughtful, caring, connected communication does. And that’s what you’ve got in you, ready to share with them.

Because you started early enough, prepared like crazy and now, you are here to serve it all up for them.

These are three of my very favorites anxiety-reducing strategies. What are your favorites? Will you share them so we can all add them to our toolkit.

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It’s You Who Should Be Naked

You know not to picture your audience in their underwear, right?

No matter how often you hear that silly advice, never believe it. Don’t even try it. If you picture them in their undies, you will experience a myriad of distracting thoughts – some of which may be enticing, Yes – but none of which will serve you and your speaking.

The point is, you don’t need to put your audience in a less powerful position than you (which is the underlying goal of the underwear advice) to thrive on stage.

In fact, if anyone should near nakedness in this exchange, it should be you.

The best speaking has a lot in common with stripping down - yourself:

  • You reveal layers of you and your experience that will surprise your audience
  • You take risks in storytelling and passionate expression that can feel a bit like wearing a bikini in a mall
  • You allow for in-the-moment spontaneity and honesty, a sudden “peep show” into the workings of your heart and mind
  • You “bear it all” in great speaking, giving everything you’ve got in service of your audience

The honesty, openness and vulnerability in truly transformational speaking is risky. If you are pushing the edges of your own brilliance and self-expression, there is a chance (a certainty, really) that someone will disagree with your approach. It is even possible that you will get feedback that your daring, creative, naked speaking made someone uncomfortable.

Good. Discomfort inspires change. It’s where growth breeds.

Life-changing speaking must be revealing. It takes radical courage to be tranformative. You must remove your protective layers.

It’s a kind of naked.

So, keep your audience clothed – and make sure you have a soft cotton robe handy for afterward. You have earned a delicious lounge in a cozy place to rejuvenate – until the next disrobing event needs you and your message.

Photo credit here.


Thursday Thrill: Find a Stage

It’s Thursday, which means you might be beginning to think about how your week is wrapping up.

Thursdays are workhorse days. They are days to make up for all of the unexpected things that came up the first three days of the week.

That’s why I’m going to suggest a little thrill for you.

You don’t have to take me up on it today (after all, you’re cranking things out today, aren’t you?!)

But maybe you’ll want to do it on Friday, when we like to lighten things up. Or maybe you’ll mix it in with your weekend shenanigans.

In any case, here’s your invitation:

Go find a stage. Any stage.

Here are some places where you can find stages pretty easily:

  • high school auditoriums
  • local theatre houses
  • community center buildings
  • outdoor ampitheatres
  • movie theatres (they’re not elevated, but that area at the front is pretty much a stage)
  • churches

Then, at a time when the room is empty, walk up the stairs (or to the front, facing all those empty chairs) and face the audience. See their expectant faces.

Notice the full house.

Create the picture in your mind of you, there, sharing your life-changing message with power and authenticity.

Feel the yummy satisfaction of arriving there, showing up the way you know you can, and making that Impact.

Doesn’t that feel awesome?!

Now, resolve to yourself that you will arrive another time – possibly on another stage – with those seats full of people and your heart and mind full of your message.

And you will deliver that message, for them.

Because it matters that you do - so very much.

Oh, please do let me know how it goes! And if you have more ideas for where we can all find practice stages, please share them in the comments! You’ll be serving all of us.

Thank you, ParisLemon, for this exciting open stage image.

Make Every Audience Love You

The romance between you and your audience is the magic

behind powerful, high-impact speaking.

Yes, romance.

This is about love, connection, deep care and the highest regard and desire.

Think about the last time you fell in love. I mean, fell. Hard.

I bet somewhere early on, there was a longer gaze, some serious eye contact communication. That extra few seconds that makes the person on the other end think, “hmmm… what was that…mmm?”

I bet there were some long days… nights… of learning, discovery, digging deep – maybe staying up late into the night saturating yourself in stories and learning. A mesmerizing enmeshment of your desire with their needs, wants.

From this place of heart-driven inquiry and visceral attraction to their stories and dreams, your connection grows. You offer support, ideas – give them the very best you have in service of their even better life.

In turn, they adore you.

They appreciate your honest and powerful desire to serve them and their dreams. They soak up your contribution to their lives. They want more of you (of course, you can’t get enough of them either.)

Now, think of the last time you were absolutely mesmerized by a speaker.

Like, literally, you lost track of time and where you were.

Isn’t it like a small love affair? Right. I know.

Your audience knows when you really “get them.” The only way to “get them” in this way that makes them feel utterly adored, respected and loved – where in turn, they will give you their undivided, heart-in-the-eyes attention – is to…

Dig deep in their wants and needs.

To stay up late into the night trying to understand what keeps them up these late hours, too. Research, ask tons of questions. Dive into the waters of their life, understand their oxygen. Then, with absolute heart and soul, commit to serving them in the ways that will matter to them most. Give them everything you’ve got.

Make every singe thing you say, do and feel about them. Every minute of your talk.

They’ll love you. Every time.

(It’s safe love – because you love them that much, too.)