Hello. I’m really happy you’re here.

And I’m deeply honored that you want to know more about me.

Essentially, I’m all about self-expression – yours and mine. I believe it is the path to world peace (and inner peace.)

My superpower is Deep Inquiry. I ask the questions underneath the unexpected questions. I’m not afraid of the answers. In fact, they beckon me because I know that is where our most powerful self-expression lives and breathes. My secondary superpower is Radical Message Clarity – it’s really a natural progression from the first (plus a lifetime of communication study and reverence.)

Also, I’m:

  • insatiably curious, especially about the inner worlds and dreams of others (especially you.)
  • passionate about color and the way it shifts our moods and feelings.
  • creative, open, and a people-loving introvert.
  • messy-minded with my own ideas (though decidedly organized with others’ ideas) and therefore continually seeking amazing idea organizing tools (like this and this.)
  • in love with being Mama to my three girls. They light up my whole world.

But what’s important here is how who I am might best serve you and your life-changing message. So, let me tell you the bits about me that are most relevant to you:

I’ve spent over 20 years cultivating the intuition, experience, skill and training you deserve in service of your Soul Crafted Message.

(If you’d like, you can read what others think of my coaching and speaking at the bottom of this page.)

That I get to do this work is a tremendous gift to me. You can read more about all that below… but first, it might serve you well to know why I do this work. Because my guess is that you are a Why-driven person. That’s how people like us roll…

My Big Why

I do this work because I know from experience that it can be so difficult (impossible?) to do it alone – and the outcome is so much better when you have an experienced partner. Our most powerful message, in our soul’s expression, is often buried deep under a lot of… well, crap. Fear, uncertainty, poor advice from well-meaning friends, years of feeling like “too much” or “not enough” or any version of your story… it can completely derail our life’s work.

While our soul’s core message may be quite clear to us, knowing how to say it in a way that feels truly powerful and real and effective can feel outright aggravating. We know our message will make a difference but we don’t quite know how to find the precise words – and the right people – to make the greatest impact.

I’ve spent my entire life learning the nuances of authentic, powerful communication. I’ve honed my message and tried a thousand (more?) versions. I’ve done it alone and I’ve invited help. I now know that the right help is the difference. I want to be that help in the world – to help get messages like yours into our living existence and make it better for everyone. I know that your message matters – so very much. The world needs it.

My Credentials, Experience and the Truth (for me) about carrying the messenger torch…

I’ve been speaking for 20 years. I started as a card-carrying MADD member in high school, convincing my peers to never get in the car with a driver who had been drinking. In college, I traded in gruesome car crash images for a banana and string of colorful condoms, which I carried to college classrooms to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. I earned a bachelor of arts in psychology and a master’s degree in speech communication along the way.

In the years since, I’ve helped hundreds of passion-driven people say what they are trying to say more powerfully – on stage, on the pages of their books and articles and on their websites. I have written speeches for CEOs and coached executives on delivery and storytelling. I have helped hone hundreds of messages for hundreds of contexts. 

And the truth is, I still get nervous when I am going to speak, publish or otherwise hold my torch high. Every anxiety reducing strategy I share comes from tried and true experience. I’m proud of this. I’m proud because I know that my nervousness comes from caring so much. I want it to matter that I spoke or wrote. I want to make a huge impact – and that’s a lot to want from a communication event. I know that is why you are nervous, too – and I love that about you. (Note please: my strategies will decrease your anxiety substantially. It will feel easier. I promise.)

And let me tell you this from years of experience: it’s worth it. It will matter. It does matter that you speak and write.

So, let’s get it done – Soul Crafted Style. Shall we?

Want to know what other’s have to say about working with me?

I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to present with confidence and ease. Thanks again Michelle, you’re great at what you do! Cory H, Quality Improvement Facilitator, Bend, OR

Michelle Barry Franco’s speaking coaching gave me the confidence I needed to stand in front of 100′s of women for a presentation on social media. Thanks Michelle for your enduring and honest support! Lynn Wenger, Webprodigy, Bend, OR.

She was awesome!  She made this terrifying speaking experience actually fun! I was amazed at how much I was at ease. I will definitely use Michelle in the future and would highly recommend her. Sandi L., Bend, OR.

The presentation was a success with 64 in attendance and great feedback.  The audience participation was high and animatedI felt well prepared and the PowePoint “photos only” kept the audience interested.  Thanks for your honing and refocusing.  It gave me a lot more confidence to just go for it.” Chris H., Bend, OR.

I can’t wait to help you share your message with the world, too.

The world is waiting. Your opportunity to move the room to action, make waves, level-jump your business… essentially, change the world with your speaking – is Right Now. Contact me. Let’s get started.