About Michelle

Hello. I’m really happy you’re here.

(I created this welcome video for you, in case you’d like a more personal welcome.)

I’m deeply honored that you want to know more about me. In my perfect dreamy world, you and I would be meeting in person and we could have this conversation over coffee. You’d tell me about you – what brought you to this place. I’d share a bit about me and how I got here, too.

That’s my favorite way to share ideas and time – in meaningful conversation.

Which might seem unusual since I’m a speaker. I get up on stage by myself and tell my own stories (and stories I gather from other sources) all the time. Yet,…

To me, even presentations are a conversation.

I believe the greatest speakers listen at least as much as they speak.

Which is why I wish I could see or hear you right now…

(ooh, you could email me and say Hello! Tell me a bit about you. That would be so perfect! Here – here’s my email!)

Meantime, since you clicked this page, here’s a bit about me:

Essentially, I’m all about self-expression yours and mine. I believe it is the path to world peace (and inner peace.)

I am astounded by the power to make a difference in many lives all at once that comes with bringing our message to the stage or front of a room. My great desire is to bring ease and authentic power to presenting for every living soul who wishes to make a positive influence through self-expression.


I’ve had the great fortune to stand before hundreds of gatherings of people to share ideas and facilitate exchange, as a college and university instructor, as a workshop facilitator and as an organizational trainer.

I’ve written speeches for and coached CEO’s and solo business owners and many in between. Whether my clients are corporate or entrepreneur, students or community leaders, my goal is always the same:

Authentic Powerful Expression.

I’ve helped create “State of the Company” speeches and facilitated presentation skills training at every level of the company (yes, even the executives).

I’ve also sat with soul-inspired coaches and creative entrepreneurs and helped them distill their work down into the message that really matters – then helped them build a brand and a marketing plan based on that message.

If you are looking for a workshop facilitator or breakout session leader on anything related to communication, I’m your woman. I just am. I love it and I’m really good at it (hey, there’s plenty I’m not good at – this just happens to be my thing.) If you’d like to read what others have to say about my workshops, click here

In case you’d like to know a bit more about me outside of this “business” realm, here’s more:


  • insatiably curious, especially about the inner worlds and dreams of others.
  • passionate about color and the way it shifts our moods and feelings.
  • creative, open, and a people-loving introvert.
  • messy-minded with my own ideas (though decidedly organized with others’ ideas) and therefore continually seeking amazing idea organizing tools (like this and this).
  • in love with being Mama to my three girls. They light up my whole world.