About Michelle


I’m happy you are here.

It is my mission to help you express yourself with clarity, confidence and natural charisma.

Whether you are doing that through “platform” means, such as speaking and facilitating workshops and trainings or tSpeakingphoto2hrough creating a business or career designed around your strengths and expertise, I am whole-heartedly committed and prepared to help you make it happen. (I got to help these wonderful people and here’s how they felt about it.)

Whether my clients are executives or content area experts or entrepreneur, students or community leaders, my goal is always the same:

Clarity, Confidence and Natural Charisma. Impact.

I’ve helped CEOs create and deliver “State of the Company” speeches and facilitated presentation skills training at every level of the company (yes, even the executives). I’ve helped content experts – Architects, Health Care and Technology Professionals and many more – become leading authorities in their industries through speaking and writing.

I’ve also sat with soul-inspired coaches and creative entrepreneurs and helped them distill their work down into the message that really matters – then helped them build a brand and a marketing plan based on that message.

If you are looking for a workshop facilitator or breakout session leader on anything related to communication, get in touch. I facilitate a content-rich, highly interactive and fun session – custom designed every single time for your group. If you’d like to read what others have to say about my workshops, click here