About Michelle

Hello. I’m Michelle.

dream_it_wish_it_headshot1I’m happy you are here. I’m a speaking and business coach for women who want to do beautiful work in the world, while taking excellent care of themselves and being present and highly engaged with their families and other meaningful commitments. I am also the founder and lead trainer and coach of Brilliance at Work LLC, a leadership development company.

My guess is that you are here because you want to do work you love that impacts others’ lives meaningfully.

You want to enjoy the peace and satisfaction of being successful in this work. And you don’t want to hand your whole life over to that work, either.

You want to share your expertise and your story with others so that they can benefit from your experience. You want to enjoy the financial freedom and ease that comes from doing really awesome work – and enjoy the immense satisfaction of knowing that individual lives are better because you put yourself out there and committed to making a difference for others with your expertise. You want all of that – plus deep connection in the other parts of your life that matter.

Guess how I know all that?

Yep – that describes me, too.

I love that I get to use my two decades plus of experience to help you build a business that you love, that changes real lives. It’s what I’m on this Earth to do.

I am a trained and experienced coaches coach. I am a deeply committed listener with a fierce commitment to your greatest self-expression in your work and life. I work with many coaches (we coaches take a special style of coaching to help us move through our own blocks, don’t we?).

I am a richly educated and experienced speaking coach. I’ve helped hundreds of individuals craft and deliver truly transformational, fun, exciting and client magnetizing speeches. CEOs, entrepreneurs, coaches, holistic health professionals, architects – I’ve had the honor of working with people from a huge variety of professional backgrounds.

And, I am a fun and highly present Mama to my three daughters. I have built a business I truly love while maintaining a fun, engaged, beautifully connected relationship with my three daughters – and my husband, too.

Want to hear the detailed, long version my personal story? Go here.

I have spent the last 25 years of my life doing transformational speaking for groups of people, large and small. I have truly been in the trenches.

speakingphoto3I have coached CEOs of companies on their State of the Company meetings. I have helped many health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, therapists, holistic health practitioners – so many soulful business women – craft business messages, build programs and craft and deliver speeches that magnetize clients. And I have worked with many women (and a few men, too) who work inside of organizations – for profit and non-profit – to craft speeches and build careers that matter, that change things, that feel amazing to deliver.

I am wholeheartedly committed to helping you express yourself authentically and powerfully in your beautiful work.

Whether you are ready to get in front of groups as a speaker or not, we will maximize your clarity, confidence and natural charisma so that you can make the meaningful difference in the world that I know you so want to make.Michelle Barry Franco Workshop photo

I’d love to get to know you a bit and talk about whether working together is the best fit for you right now. Get in touch with me here and let’s schedule a time to talk.

And if you’re not quite ready to chat yet, do take advantage of my huge treasure chest of resources via my blog and free offers. I created them for you, with you in mind, with total commitment to your beautiful work whether you decide to work with me more directly or not.